Monday, 23 November 2009

Small but smart!

Aqilah receiving her prizes for scoring highest in Math & English.

Aqilah receiving prize for being the first in class.

Something to be proud of - even though she has just started school, she is able to score well in her class.

Adnin didn't do well this time, but with her strong courage, I'm sure she will get some next year.

They are enjoying their holidays now; the first week will be spent at their grandmother's house in my hometown.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Adnin & Aqilah's updates

Right after Raya, the kids have gone to school. They look funny in their school uniform as they are big for their sizes. I didn't have time to tailor made the uniforms, hence I bought the smallest size available.
The school is almost over as they have another week to go. Next Wednesday, Aqilah will get her prizes for being the first in her class, and for scoring highest in Mathematics and English throughout year 1. She is really a bright girl, even though she did not study for the lessons, she was able to score during the end of year exams. Even her friend envied her, and didn't want to befriended her when Aqilah scored higher than her friend.

Adnin is still adjusting and since the syllibus were harder in Year 3, she didn't score very well. I don't blame her, instead, encourage her to do well next year.

As for treatment, the kids are on ceragem everyday. This is how she looks on it. They have created a timetable for themselves, just to note that who would go first; if today Adnin is first, the next day, Aqilah would go first.

These pictures are during Aqilah's 7th birthday, infront of our house, way back in September.