Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The bandage is off!

Adnin had an appointment with the doctor this morning. At last, our curiosity on how the scars look like has been answered. I didn't expect that the cuts were that long! No wonder it took around two hours for the operation. I thought it was just like 2 cm per insertion of the eight-plate. In actual, the doctor cut a whole stretch as per photos below. Anyhow, the wound healed nicely, no infection at all. Could it be because it's cold and the bacteria is not active? Or could it be that the bandage they use are very good that the bacteria could not penetrate into?

Adnin is a very brave girl. The plaster sticked really well that it needs to be soaked for a while in order to be removed. I know it was really painful to remove it but Adnin just screamed for a while. Aqilah couldn't watch it and she covered her face with her hands. I myself felt like wanting to pee!

Enough for the trauma, the doctor said Adnin is ready to resume her daily life; next week she can go to school but no PE just as yet for the next four weeks. She will be seeing the doctor again in three months time; probably will have to go for x-ray to see if there is any improvement. After all the trouble that she has gone through, I hope there will be some improvement...

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Adnin is recovering well

Adnin has a really speedy recovery. She can now climb up the stairs by herself. This morning I guide her to climb up the stairs using her buttock. I came out with the idea as she usually climb down the stairs using her buttock. And guess what, it works although she was struggling to climb up!

I had the time to edit some pictures from my Nokia 6630 snapshots. Here it is...

She is still enjoying herself out of school for another week. Next week will be a school holiday - mid term break. She will be seeing the doctor on the 16th Feb, 2009. The doctor will probably take off the bandage (everyone is curious on how the scar looks like). And once the bandage is off, she can go back to school. How does she fill in the days at home? What else - TV, matheletics on the computer, and Nintendo DS, the best present she got for her ordeal...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Adnin is recovering at home...

Adnin has been discharged last Friday. She can now walk a few steps with the help of a walking frame. This is how she looks like with the walking frame. Courtesy to Aini who edited the photos.

Aini, Adli and Aqilah did not get to go to the hospital to visit. They were very excited to see Adnin back home. Some snapshots of Adnin on her bed (supplied by the hospital).

Some snapshots at the hospital. It was really comfortable; even I got my own bed to sleep at night with fresh bedsheets and pillow every night! Food is also alright, we have halal food for lunch and dinner.

Some friends came and visit and brought goodies for Adnin.

These two shots were during the 2nd day after operation. She was still under morphine - continuous drip; the side effect of it, she vomitted out everything that goes in. But after she was given the anti-sickness medication orally, she was ok.

Adnin's ordeal to correct her knocked knees...The day after, she said to me, "tak straight pun". It's going to take around a year to see the difference.

It's an experience for me to stay for three days at the hospital. Of course I dreaded it but it's good for Adnin. The best part is IT'S FREE...
At the point of writing, it's snowing outside; poor Adnin with her bandaged legs, she wouldn't be able to enjoy it. Maybe when the snow is really heavy, we will pull out the wheelchair and let her enjoy the snow...